Rocking the Underground
Is bad-boy caver John Ackerman saving Minnesota caves—or destroying them?
Minnesota Monthly, October 2007


A League of Her Own 
A longtime advocate for girls who want to play baseball, Justine Siegal ’98 made history by becoming the first woman to throw batting practice in Major League Baseball. Today, through her organization, Baseball for All, she is creating meaningful opportunities for girls to play the game. 
St. Olaf, Spring 2015


Saving the White Pine   
In northern Minnesota, there was a time when the state’s foresters were pessimistic about the survival of the white pine – until Jack Rajala stepped in. A third-generation timber man, Rajala is also a conservationist and one of the foremost practitioners of returning big stands of white pine to the Minnesota forest. 
St. Olaf, Fall 2014


Bearing Witness   
Setting down roots in the idyllic Willamette River Valley, Oregon’s Pinot Noir country, two St. Olaf families are living a wine country dream. 
St. Olaf, Fall 2013


Gut Reaction    
At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Alexander Khoruts and other researchers are saving lives with fecal transplants and exploring other wonders of this little understood microbial world. 
Minnesota, Summer 2013


Species Defender   
When Macalester Biology Professor Mark Davis expounds publicly on exotic species—creatures from dandelions to carp that come from somewhere else—he eventually mentions LLT, his shorthand for Learn to Love Them. 
Macalester Today, July 2010


The Secret Lives of Bears   
Dave Garshelis relies on technology and a lifetime of experience to learn all he can about the world's bears, including black bears in Minnesota, but the bruins still retain some of their mystery. 
Minnesota, Fall 2012


The Poop on Superbugs   
His mother calls him Dr. Shit, but she means no disrespect. 
Minnesota, Spring 2011


Savoring Saunas
The ambassador of the Finnish sauna holds court on the island of Lauttasaari. 
Islands, April 1995


The Wild Heart of Ellesmere Island
For almost 20 years, Dave Mech has traveled to this Arctic Island to study the rise and fall of wolf populations. 
Globe and Mail, 14 August 2004