A Fighting Chance   
An ambitious recovery project is giving the Puerto Rican parrot, one of the world's ten most endangered birds, a new lease on life. 
Audubon, September-October 2009


Gut Reaction    
At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Alexander Khoruts and other researchers are saving lives with fecal transplants and exploring other wonders of this little understood microbial world. 
Minnesota, Summer 2013


Coydogs and Lynxcats and Pizzlies, Oh My   
Thanks to human activity, native animals and plants are expected to hybridize more than ever. Is that a problem — or a solution? 


Are Darwin's Finches One Species or Many?   
Darwin’s finches are icons of evolution, but scientists disagree about what exactly they represent. 
Discover, April 2015


Time for Trees to Unpack Their Trunks?   
As climate changes, forest ecosystems will need to shift to more suitable sites. Should humans lend a helping hand?


The Race to Save the Moose 
Minnesota’s moose are dying. Sophisticated technology and an unprecedented research effort aim to find out why. 
Minnesota, Fall 2013


The Secret Lives of Bears   
Dave Garshelis relies on technology and a lifetime of experience to learn all he can about the world's bears, including black bears in Minnesota, but the bruins still retain some of their mystery. 

Minnesota, Fall 2012


Courting Controversy with a New View on Exotic Species   
A number of biologists are challenging the long-held orthodoxy that alien species are inherently bad. In their contrarian view, many introduced species have proven valuable and useful and have increased the diversity and resiliency of native ecosystems. 

Yale Environment 360


The Wildest Horse   
China fulfills a bold dream to restore "P-Horses" to the Gobi Desert.
Wildlife Conservation, August 2006


Wolf hunt debate: Have scientists fallen prey?   
It's not that they think wolves are cute. It's that they think -- erroneously, perhaps -- that the species is ecologically indispensible. 

Star Tribune, 27 October 2012


Minnesota vs. Asian Carp
It seems that Mother Nature and human nature conspire against victory. So what if we lose? 
Star Tribune, 1 April 2012


The Tracker  
"Hunting" with infrared technology, wildlife conservationist Ron Tilson keeps tabs on Sumatra's endangered tigers.
Islands, July-August 2000