I write stories and essays about science, nature and travel. Examining the natural world through the lens of science and evidence is the most fulfilling way I know to find meaning in the world around me.

I’ve traveled to the mountains of Hunan Province to search for the South China tiger, the plains of southern Siberia to write about the obscure sport of bandy, and to caverns of southern Minnesota with an iconoclastic spelunker who uses explosives to discover and explore new caves. My articles and essays describing these and other adventures have appeared in The New York TimesSports IllustratedNational WildlifeAudubonNational Geographic TravelerDiscover, and elsewhere.

My books about travel and the natural world include Super Volcano, the story of the active volcano beneath Yellowstone that could wipe out a sixth of the world's population, and Wild Shore, an account of two seasons kayaking around Lake Superior. My latest book, Paddle North explores the meaning of the northern wilderness in an age of global warming.

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