Gut Reaction    
At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Alexander Khoruts and other researchers are saving lives with fecal transplants and exploring other wonders of this little understood microbial world. 
Minnesota, Summer 2013


Boot Camp for the Brain   
Research suggests practicing mindfulness can build “mental armor,” even under extreme stress. 
Miami: The University of Miami Magazine, Fall 2012


The Poop on Superbugs   
His mother calls him Dr. Shit, but she means no disrespect. 
Minnesota, Spring 2011


Bacteria: warm, fuzzy little friends that contain the answers to life and combat ills ranging from pollution to obesity? Or horrible pathogens that are out to destroy us? Bacteria are both of those things—and these Carls seek to harness their power. 
Carleton College Voice, Summer 2014


Iron Resolve   
The University's School of Public health is leading a vast partnership to discover why so many Iron Range taconite miners are dying of a brutal lung disease. 
Minnesota, May-June 2009


Weighing in on Diet Soda   
Are you prone to gaining weight around the belly? Are you worried about high cholesterol or high blood pressure? Do heart attacks or diabetes run in your family? 
May-June 2008


Seven Steps to Living Longer, Better Lives   
The health risks, rewards that men face. 
My Optum Health


Lightning Safety: What to Do During a Storm   
How to avoid getting zapped, no matter where you are.


What To Do If You Encounter a Mountain Lion   
Never turn your back on a cougar, and whatever you do, don't play dead.